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Mar 5, 2013 12:00pm PST
on it on a federal level like this but it comes down to rubber meets the road and enforce laws. as one of the folks in my town said very clearly, there are a lot of laws out there and there are a lot that being enforced properly. it's sort of seems to me a no-brainer you start by enforcing the laws and fund them and make sure that we have the infrastructure, whether it's on enforcing trafficking or, in fact, background checks. it doesn't really do us any good to have a background check bill and probably get, i hope to get a bipartisan piece of legislation on the next -- in the next week as well but it doesn't do any good to put out the laws and a lot of legislators look like they're being really busy and reacting if we don't give them any teeth. >> no. absolutely agree with that, rob. we also need a permanent director of the atf. that would help. the gun trafficking legislation, it's really important because the data is clear that guns tend to move from states that have weaker laws in to state that is have stronger laws, thus, weakening the effect of the states, with those stronger laws. but if we
Mar 4, 2013 12:00pm PST
to save your life and you can't be sued for performing cpr, there's other thinging -- >> california law. >> i agree. if that's the case, we can agree it's an outrage. i have seen this in my own life and probably all seen -- a lot of us seen similar things. older people will have a conversation with the nurses who are around them, their family an they will say, over and over for the final years of their lives, i don't want to be resuscitated. >> isn't there -- that bothers you? >> suggests to me strongly when the family comes out with a statement they had that conversation with the family and had that conversation with the caregiver and if the policy of the place in that situation is to comfort you in the final moments but not -- >> not comforting at all. >> no comfort there. >> she wasn't but -- again, i don't have the full details but the fact the family isn't alarmed. >> i wouldn't want to go there. i wouldn't want to be a guest there. >> it's a tough one. >> a hotel to give you everything except help when you're dying. >>> all right. straight ahead, a sequester side effect. illegal i
Mar 8, 2013 12:00pm PST
safeguard for the right to vote and many federal laws that protect uniform voters, some protect eligible voters who have not had the opportunity yet to register, but together the protections are important because our right to vote is what the united states constitution is about. >> that was debo adegbile, special counsel for the naacp legal defense fund and education fund arguing before the court and it's an honor to have you with us now. welcome. >> great to be with you. >> now, of course, the big, big moment, the headline moment that came out of that justice ska lay yeah saying, is that a permanent racial entitlement? what would you say to him perhaps away from the court in a bar trying to get him to understand, like, i don't look at it that way? >> i think the reason the public response to that comment has been strong is because it flies in the face of our history, the constitution, and our common experience. everybody who looks at our history and common experience and the constitution itself knows that the voting rights act stands to take away focused racism that has been targeted at
Mar 7, 2013 12:00pm PST
. but this is about the rule of law. it isn't so much about him. it isn't so much about john brennan. it's about having rules so that some day if we do have the misfortune of electing someone you do not trust, electing someone who might kill innocent people, who might kill people that they disagree with politically or they might kill people they disagree with religious or might kill people of another ethnic group. we're protected. >> 13 hours of good old-fashioned filibustering. you thought kornacki rants or as he calls them monologues were long. a dozen senators made guest appearances on the floor and one ron wyden of oregon is a democrat. among the highlights, citations of rappers and jay-z. >> nice. >> quotes from the films "the godfather" and a reading from the twitter verse. paul stocked up on milky way bars. senator mark kirk brought him a thermos and an apple. and here's a little history lesson in honor of professor kornacki since i did mock his rants. the last time a talking filibuster consumed the senate is opposed a tax cut plain in 2010 duh strom author mand hold it is record, 24:18 a
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4